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For only $75.99 you get some of the classic, best plugins Waves ever made, still used in every professional production. Here's what you get with this bundle:

IR-L Convolution Reverb

The only convolution verb I use. Great flexibility, you have control over every aspect of your impulses, ER, length, density, and much more, but still very easy to use.

Renaissance AXX, great compressors for guitars, synths and edgy vocals, super simple to use, instant results.

Ren Bass, another staple, I have been using this for ages, bass, kick, vocals! guitars, you name it. Need "beef" this will do. Simple and effective.

Ren Channel, everything you want on a channel strip, streamlined and featuring both Ren Vox and Ren Comp plus, an amazing gate and the omnipresent Ren EQ. No fuss, it just works, and many people don't know this, it also has an incredible UPPWARD compressor.

Ren Comp: what there is to say about this one? Still on EVERY mix, all around the world, must have, one of the very first emulation of the two most famous compression topologies, opto (LA2A) and electro (1176) you didn't know this uh? This is a must have.

Ren DeEsser: believe it or not, I still use this, I showed it in many mixes, not just a deesser, this is great to tame anything that's harsh, guitars and cymbals, synths in a simple and efficient manner, little tweaking and move on.

Ren EQ: the first 3rd party EQ and for many, still the most used, this is your bread and butter eq, it gets the work done.

Ren Reverb: it's not my first choice for reverbs, have to be honest, but the ability to remove the early reflections completely was one of those features that made this plugin so popular back then, it's still relevant, think like you're getting it for free at this price.

Ren Vox: just like Ren Comp, this compressor made more mixes and more top10's than probably any other compressor, it just works. Every.Time.

Waves Tune LT; the quick and easy version of their pitch correction plugins, its sound became very very popular in modern production to still have that autotune effect but with a different flavor, more modern, less dated. It's also great for quick and easy transparent correction.

CLICK HERE TO GET the Ren MAXX Bundle, now some other great deals:

API 2500 Bus Compressor $29 USD

Simply put, one of my favorite plugins compressors out there. Why? Because it sounds great and it's so versatile, just like the hardware, No it doesn't replace the hardware but just like the SSL, this one has been a staple in my mixes for a long time, and not on the 2bus, vocals, bass, drums, synths, this one can handle literally everything, you could mix an entire song with this alone. What I like? There's no guessing, you KNOW it will work, just tweak a bit and it will bark nicely or be soft and mellow. CLICK HERE TO GET THE API 2500

Infected Mushroom Pusher $29 USD

Yes I actually have this one even tho' I often forget, but for EDM, Techno and even rock, this has features that no other plugins have, you can tell has been made by "workers" to have the tools and only the tools that you need to push things hard. Great clipper, great exciter, this is a reminder to myself to use this one more. CLICK HERE TO GET THE PUSHER

Kramer Master Tape $29 USD

I remember buying this the same day it came out, and used it ever since. Not your super tweakable modern tape plugins you get lost in, this is a really nice vintage tape emulators, all the Kramer series is pretty amazing but this always finds its way into my tracks, whether is returns of effects, drums, killer for vocals and doubles, I LOVE the Kramer tape.

Another one of those easy to set plugins that gives me instant vibe, the saturation is unique and it has a very wide "sweet spot" it actually has many, and what I like the most is the sound(s) comes from you IN and OUT settings, gainstaging! Awesome one. CLICK HERE TO GET KRAMER MASTER TAPE

Chris Lord-Alge Signature Series $59 USD

Whether or not you like his mixing style, these signature plugins are extremely useful.

Not just for a quick-mix, but many times they give better results than building complicated chains of effects. And yes the effect one is one of my favs of this series.

Bass is also great and Vocals is amazing for instant top10 background vocals. The verbs on the unplugged module are great too.

Definitely a bundle to have, especially at this price


SSL G-Master Buss Compressor

You know I still love this one, not hi-fi, not super wide, no sidechain, and not the closest one to the original (which one?) but the character of this plugin is unique, grit, solidity, classice behavior and sound. CLICK HERE TO GET THE G-MASTER BUS

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