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Bella Kelly Song Starters Vocal Pack Vol.1 is OUT!

Bella Kelly Song Starters - Vocal Pack Vol.1 Is Ready!

The hunting and sexy voice of Bella Kelly for the first

time available in a vocal pack that you can use for your original songs!

Produced by David Gnozzi and performed by Bella Kelly this pack

contains over 150 *Original and Exclusive* Vocal Samples.

Perfect for pop music, dance, Techno, Psytrance, house, hip hop, trap.

Catchy hooks, mesmerizing sexy phrases and earworms bits, inspiring song starters and more.

Recorded with top tier studio equipment these vocals were also processed in FULL ANALOG

with units such as Empirical Lab Fatso, Wes Audio Rhea, Maag EQ, Empress EQ, Analog Design HG-2 and more.

Radio ready, just drag and drop them in your project or build your new song around them!

Over 50 Single Words bot dry and effected

30 Oohhs and Aaahhs (dry and efx)

10 "Song Starters" Packs with full phrases and short bits (dry and fx)

Recorded thru mastering grade converters at 96Khz and 24 bit to give you the best quality for

additional processing: pitch, time-stretch, mangle these samples in any way you want without losing quality!

Intro price for the first week $19 USD ($29 full price) write to to purchase

The samples below are low quality samples, for reference and demo only, you will get full quality when purchasing the pack

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