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Create and capture your next sounds with an experienced professional. David has been recording longer than he's been mixing. As a former musician, his approach to recording is not just highly technical but extremely creative.He understands the musician perspective and knows how to put the  artists in the right mood for them to deliver the best performances. A great motivator and creativity coach, he will come out with never-seen-before ideas and techniques in every session, making the recording process a great experience.Contact us to book David for your Recording session today

Mix & Mastering

In person or online, David gives his best behind the mixing and mastering desk in his studio in Los Angeles. Give your music the best mix and master possible, David's skills as a mix and mastering engineer don't need any presentation, he's not just one of the most talented mixing engineers, he teaches mixing engineers how to mix better.
With top of the line analog gear and incredible monitoring system, he'll deliver the best mix and master your music can get. Even at distance, you will communicate to him your vision and he will make it happen, surprising you with a lot more, making your music sound better than you ever thought would be possible.
Known for his creativity and signature sound, every mix is unique, hand carved and tailored for each client, no templates, no easy fixes, just talent, taste and gear at your service.
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One on One Lessons & Consultations


Whether you want to learn how to mix and master, you need help with your home studio setup, your next purchase, mix consultations or career advice, you can book your private, one on one Skype or Zoom lessons with David with real time screen sharing and HQ audio streaming from your computer to work on your session with him just like you were sitting next to him.
This is the most request service, we have very limited spots every month.

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