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Bella Kelly "Heartbreak Motel" Out October 8th 2021

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Bella Kelly's "Heartbreak Motel", the new, highly anticipated single/video from the breakthrough alternative pop artist will be released on October 8th, 2021 on all platforms. After the success of her debut single "Throat" , sitting at almost 1 million views, this amazing artist is ready to take over the mainstream alt pop scene with her new single "Heartbreak Motel": an emotional ballad that is grand and cinematic, and yet equally intimate with stark vulnerability. With heart-breaking lyrics that reach the deepest, darkest corner of the soul, the universal language of raw emotions, pain and anguish that can touch even the coldest heart, this new single really shows the artistic potential of this incredibly versatile artist, a chameleon who can change shape and form so easily and yet always being true to herself. Her enchanting, voluptuous and haunting voice sits on an apparently simple texture of sounds, the perfect stage for this incredibly moving, intimate performance. The listener can hear every breath and every bit of emotion coming out of her mouth and become the main character in Bella's painting of pain and love, as her message is so raw and universal that reaches all hearts and souls, beyond gender or age or emotional status. Everything in the track is perfectly crafted by producer and engineer David Gnozzi, who plays with silences and a minimalistic arrangement to leave Bella's voice take front stage at all times, creating a musical landscape that makes the listener visualize the performance, so intimate and so perfectly delivered that you could almost see and feel the artist next to you if you closed you eyes.

Heartbreak Motel, a production of the highest level that pours out pure emotion. The synergy Bella and David have in life has transferred into this music creation where the end result is so much more than the sum of its elements, but that's not all. Once again, the video has been directed by award winning director Vicente Cordero (Filter, Tim Skold, Cradle of Filth, 3 Teeth, Queensrÿche and many more) who directed the riveting horror themed "Throat". This time, David, Bella and Vicente shaped the concept of this new, hypnotizing video together, which resulted in an astonishing, awe-inspiring short movie with a noir, thriller-like suspense, more subtle than the horror oriented first single. Yet somewhat darker, at the same time, high fashion, glamourous and classy.

Her breathtaking, innocent yet imposing beauty and her signature shaved head are now framed by majestic black wings and a black dress that turns what was a beautiful cenobite-like creature in the first video into a now full blown goddess. The new form of Bella Kelly. The video is the perfect combination of edgy and alternative, dark and emotional and high fashion. The crown wore by Bella in the video is a custom piece made for her by world renowned artist Cecilio Design already known for making custom pieces for Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Doja Cat, Cher, Ghostemane and many more.

Slow motion camera action adds to the

intimate vibe of the song. Every movement is a beautiful scene, Bella's lips barely moving are enchanting. Her eyes and gaze hypnotizing. There are no "jump scares" in

the video but there are plenty of unexpected moments. Heartbreak Motel tells a story, a dream, a nightmare, all in one. The great performances from all the actors in the video are another piece of the puzzle. Clearly touched by the song, you will see tears and desperation which appear more like real life than acting. Somewhat reminiscent of the best Lana Del Ray era, yet modern and more mainstream twist, the new single is all and more we could expect from this promising artist. Both David and Bella have stated in interviews with VoyageLA and various other magazines "The production has been delayed by several months because of the pandemic", but the wait was definitely worth it.

Bella Kelly is not just a fresh and talented new artist. She's a poet whose words are disarmingly striking in their simplicity, Bella Kelly is going to be a new icon not just because of her art but because of her soul and persona. She is very different than how the popular "pop star" is represented in our time. Bella is candid and real, anti-star and anti-popularity contests. She has been bullied for simply being herself, for not caring about being "cool". She has now taken all her insecurities and fears and put them into powerful heartfelt lyrics. Bella hopes her music will help others who struggle with feelings of isolation, pain and trauma.

Bella Kelly "Heartbreak Motel" available on all platforms on October 8th 2021 , we are expecting to see this incredible artist to rise to the top.

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