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Exclusive Behind The Scene of Bella's video and music production

Video still, short clips, behind the scene, making of footage of the video, sneak peeks of Bella's Pro Tools sessions, behind the scene of the recording and music writing process are going to be available for MEMEBERS ONLY on Youtube. A chance to follow a real, complete production and artist development, under the artistic direction of David, as a producer and guidance for

this talented artist. Bella's first video for the single "Throat" has already been filmed in a non-disclosed location in Los Angeles. With Industrialism film team behind the camera and Laney Chantal at the props and special effects. Preparation for the second single/video have started already and people will have the chance to follow the entire journey by becoming a MixbusTv member (video here: and accessing exclusive material including part of the music production, exclusive pictures and more. By joining the channel you will also have access to exclusive videos, posts, giveaways, mix consultations via email or Skype with David, a way to support the channel and learn more!

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