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David's upcoming artist Bella about to film the first video single with Industrialism Films

May 12th, 2020 Los Angeles. Upcoming singer and songwriter Bella is about to film her fist video for the single titled "Throat". The video will be directed by Vicente Romero of Industrialism Films in Los Angeles, California. Vicente Romero has worked and directed videos for some of the biggest stars in the Los Angeles alternative scene and not only, he also won best metal video of the year in 2019 with 3 Teeth "President X"

To add to the already incredible team David decided to bring in superstar make up and special FX artist Laney Chantal, who worked among others with Slipkot, Rob Zombie, Static-X, Marilyn Manson and many others. Discovered at an event in LA, David has been working with Bella for over a year on her songwriting and her productions, this first single is going to be quite different from the rest of Bella's songs that will be released in the future, "Throat" is an edgy, hard hitting, track that mixes metal guitars and trap beats with the soft, enchanting voice of Bella. As in his career as mix engineer and producer, David is a master at blending genres which goes perfectly with Bella's diverse songwriting styles. Bella is not just an exceptional top-liner but a very prolific one, 30 songs already in the production and recording phase are the creme of the crop of over a 100 songs she wrote in this past year under David's creative supervision. More melodic and emotional the following single/video after "Throat", already planned for Q4 2020/Q1 2021 will reveal the true potential of Bella's songwriting and singing. In many of the live Q&A's in which Bella joined David on camera, she stated she writes songs to purge emotions and help people who go thru hard times. Emotionally charged, touching and deep, her collection of songs are on a different level compared to the contemporary music panorama, but "Throat" is also a part of her style, Bella does have a more edgy and dark side, and this is one of the reasons why David decided to release this first, more approachable, song first to introduce her to the audience, to show that this young girl is already at the level of more experienced and established songwriters and artists and above and beyond many of them. Stay tuned and follow the journey.

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