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David's New METAL Course on ProMix Academy

Third time's a charm! David's 3rd course on ProMix Academy is now available, Recording Mixing and Mastering ALT METAL, in this course David finally goes back to his roots and show a complete metal production from scratch, from the instruments setup, dialing in the tones in the room, the recording process with detailed overview of mic selection and placement, the how and the why in the usual no BS approach David is known for.

Not a mix breakdown this time but a mix "build-up", David starts from scratch, from the raw recording, selecting which mic and which track will make the mix, every step of the mix, from the editing to the final product and the last chapter the mastering process. Using young musicians to relate to what most viewers will deal with in a real life situation, David solves common problems that everyone faces when recording a real band, real instruments. This recording footage filmed between Harmony Studio and the world renowned Barefoot Recordings (Eric Valentine's studio in Los Angeles) shows every detail of the recording process, including signal path gear used and settings for every instrument and explain the thought process behind the choices that were made. One of the most comprehensive recording and mixing courses out there, with techniques, tips and tricks that apply to every genre, from an engineer that moves across hip hop, industrial, pop and metal seamlessly giving a fresh and unique sound to all his productions

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