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David's New Course "Recording Drums" out now on Pro Mix Academy

Achieve Professional Drum Recordings Using A Minimalistic Setup

When I first started out as an engineer, I used to struggle heavily with Drum Recording.

The whole process was confusing to me, there were just so many variables!

I was unsure where to place my mircophones in order to achieve an accurate, punchy and 3-dimensional capture of the kit.

But even worse: I felt that – with the little and inexpensive equipment I owned at the time –  I would NEVER be able to achieve the huge recordings I was looking for – no matter how hard I tried.

Can you relate?

Bear with me, there’s good news!

As my career developed, I was blessed to work with the amazing producers (Shelly Yakus, Jack Douglas) who had recorded my favourite albums.

When they told me about their drum recording process, I couldn’t believe it!

It turns out that many of the sounds I admired had actually been tracked on highly minimalistic setups: Using few microphones and some of them were even tracked in completely untreated rooms!

How did they do it?

By focusing on drum tuning, great performances and outstanding micing technique!

This course will teach the techniques professional engineers use to do all 3 of these things.

So you can achieve outstanding recordings in your studio as well!


Capture Pro Recordings

Using The Gear You Already Own

Are you a looking to capture big, 3-dimensional drum sounds, but don’t have a ton of fancy microphones or preamps at your disposal?

Then this course is custom tailored to you!

Learn the recording techniques the pros use to capture a full drum kit using a 2, 3, or 8 microphone configuration.

No matter how many mics you own – by following these concepts you can be sure to achieve fantastic drum sounds every time!

All you need are the stock pre-amps in your interface and a set of affordable mics.

Get A Great Sound At The Source: Drum Tuning

When recording, the core sound of your drums matters. A LOT.

If the sound isn’t right to begin with, no advanced micing technique or mixing trick can help you to fix it.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn drum tuning from one of the most sought after session and touring drummers in the industry: Matt Starr (Mr. Big, Ace Frehley).

Discover how to use tension to tweak the attack and fullness of the drums, when to tune top vs. bottom heads, how the strand count affects your Snare sound – and a lot more.

By the end of this tutorial, you’ll have a deep understanding of how to tune your drums to compliment the song and genre, as well as the room you’re working in.

Achieve Huge Sounds With Impeccable Microphone Placement:

Microphone placement might be the most complicated part of Drum Recording. Sometimes even moving a mic by just 1 inch can make the difference between a crisp and clear sound or a washed out mess.

On top of that, you may have to change your approach, depending on the amount of mics you have at your disposal and which genre sound you’re looking for.

This course will clear up the confusion and teach you the techniques you need to achieve great recordings in any situation: From overhead and room micing, to finding the sweetspot for individual drum mics, recording with perfect phase and more.

Learn Not Just The How, But Why

Watching Youtube tutorials and learning new concepts is great! But it can become confusing if you’re missing a plan, a strategy to approach your recordings. Only if you understand the why behind every decision, you’ll grow as a producer and turn out great tracks on a regular basis.


We’ve included all mulitracks of this recording session, so you can A/B the sound of every micing technique and understand how to shape your drum sound using various setups and approaches.

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