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Bella Kelly "Throat" Remix Remake Contest: $25,000 USD in prices

David Gnozzi, producer and mix engineer, host of MixbusTv

launched, with her artist Bella Kelly an incredible remix/remake contest for her debut single "Throat" that is taking the music world by storm! With over $25,000 USD in prices, David gathered some of the greatest pro audio companies who joined the event and made available incredible prizes for the winners.

The contest started on December 12th 2020 with their official video announcement and it will end Jan 31st 2021. The rules are simple: turn this song in any genre you want! Using the original stems, Bella's vocals, the participants can express themselves and create remixes and remake of any kind. After few days from the announcement, the number of people participating was overwhelming, the event has been received so well from the community and many participants didn't stop at making remixes but put together full videos, visuals, vlogs for their entries and turn this even into one of the greatest most creative and inspiring initiative of the year.

With prizes from Softube, Drawmer, UVI, Audeze, Baby Audio, Empirical Labs, OekSound, MOTU, Plugin Boutique, Denise Audio, Austrian Audio, Melda Productions, Tone Empire, United Plugins, Tone Projects, PSP Audioware, Kali Audio, Izotope, Sound Theory, Naughty Seal Audio, dSoniq and many more, participants will win a large variety of studio equipment, interfaces, control surfaces, headphones, speaker, as well as some of the best plugins and software on the market. With over 700,000 views on Youtube, Bella's first single was indeed a success, for a breakthrough artist at her debut. Bella has been featured in magazine like The Hype, Dark Beauty Music, Digital Tour Bus, Bringing it Backwards podcast, FEMLA, and many more, with Outburn Magazine hosting the premiere for her video debut.

This power couple of the independent scene are now working on Bella's second single and video, which sees the same awards winning director of "Throat" Vicente Cordero (Industrialism Films). "This song - David says - will show some of Bella's real talent as a songwriter and lyricist, it's a very important song for her and even just recording it was a very emotional rollercoaster for all of us." But the surprises for this next video are not finished, not much is known about what this new song will be other than that will be a very emotional ballad, no details on the video other than Bella will be a ghostly fairy with astonishing visuals, also thank you to the help of Cecilio Design (Lady Gaga, Ghostemane, Madonna etc..) who designed a custom made piece for Bella.

David and Bella recorded over 20 songs to date, she's an extremely prolific songwriter and it's going to be exiting to see the rise of this promising star. Discovered and developed by David, the two became a very tight team constantly working on perfecting her style, songwriting and also branching out in other fields, they will be launching soon Bella's clothing and accessories line in Los Angeles.

Now already available, signed prints and posters in the Bella Kelly Official Store.

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