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Bella Kelly Official Website is up!

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

At over 700K hits in less than two weeks with her 1st single "Throat", David's artist Bella Kelly has officially hit the global music scene. Outburn magazine hosted the premiere, The Hype magazine article described her as "Dark/Pop Trap/Goth", clearly Bella is already transcending genres and this is just the beginning. With 2 new singles in the making being dark ballads, this is what the music scene needs, a fresh, new, out of the box artist who transcends genres and doesn't need to "fit" in one.

Bella's new website is up and running! In there you can find exclusive behind the scene #bts footage, pictures, music, videos, news and more.

Check it out and subscribe to the newsletter and youtube channel to stay up to date with the upcoming interviews, singles and videos.

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