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Bella Kelly Interviewed by Bringin' it Backward Podcast

A cool video interview with David's artist Bella Kelly on Bringin' It Backwards Podcast Bella talks about her early life, how she got into music, how her single "Throat" is in reality a about anxiety and how she used the "hands on my throat" as a metaphor for how anxiety takes a hold of you. The filming of the video, her favorite horror movies and what's next in line, the second single and how what's her workflow as a songwriter.

Bella Kelly 1st single, Throat, produced, mixed and mastered by David Gnozzi (MixbusTv) has over 700K views, the highly anticipated second single "Heartbreak Motel" will see again Vicente Cordero behind the camera and it's expected for Q1 2021. Follow Bella's social media to witness this amazing artist's career grow!

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